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Prevalence of our breed is increasing. In fact, besides its outstanding appearance a Frenchy possess quite developed intellect and is so strong that he is able to protect his owners. In addition, it would be desirable to note, that each French bulldog is a person and demands corresponding attitude, and if owners will manage to discern individuality in their pet it will transform their life into a holiday. And your friend-bulldog will also be happy.
Some words about history of breed:
Authentic data about an origin of the French bulldog unfortunately is not available. There can be presented two versions. According to one, ancestors of the modern Frenchies were English bulldogs who were crossed between terriers and pinschers. According to other data this remarkable breed descends from the Spanish bulldogs which were applied to persecution of bulls. But the truest is the first. According to it small English bulldogs (toy-bulldogs) who were popular in the middle of 19-th century after a veto upon persecution of bulls (favorite entertainment of aristocrats of that time) were used to develop modern French bulldog as a breed.  
In 1848 in England the economic crisis started. Owing to this, toy-bulldogs have got to France by emigrants who have been forced to leave Albion, but did not wish to leave their favorites (GREAT RESPECT!!!). These small dogs, weighed up to 5, 5 kg., gain affection of lots of the Frenchmen. Some London businessmen were so much carried away in export that in some years took out practically all the dogs. But still there was no standard of breed so that enthusiasts in France, who were occupied in perfection of the dogs (through their descendants, of course) had to deal with rather polytypic livestock. Thus, by the end of the 19-th century the French bulldog had certain external type and began to apply for a rank of independent breed. In 1870 the fist fan-club of the French bulldogs had been created, and in 1903 a dog-show took place, in which dog of our favorite breed acted on a separate ring, instead of being exposed together with toy-bulldogs as it was earlier.
The Englishmen considered that the bulldog can be only the English did not wish to recognize the breed for a long time. But cynologists are persistent people, and in 1904 the English Kennel Club agreed with the statement, that the FRENCH BULLDOG IS A BREED, what was recorded in the breeding book, making a push to development of breed in British Isles.
In the USA the French bulldog appeared in the end of the19-th century. This breed became popular practically at once. Right there, behind the ocean, the first-ever specialized club of the French bulldogs was founded. The 1-st single-breed dog-show also took place there. Now there exists a fine livestock of these dogs in America. I shall notice that the local Frenchies differ from European in sizes a little (the American dogs seldom weigh more than 12 kg., while on our continent 15 kg. is not a limit though the standard limits weight of these dogs in 8-14 kg.).
Now some words about a character. Many owners of the Frenchies will agree with such characteristic that this dog is a philosopher with appearance of the clown. This dog is created of contrasts, at the same time is harmonious and proportional. It is full of vital force, patiently carries immovability. He is quiet on the place, but will not miss a word from conversation, especially if the conversation is about him, even without mention.
The French bulldog is an ideal pet. Clever and sharp, he can become offended understanding, that he is an object of derision. Cheerful and amusing, he can play for hours, without weariness. And at the same time he will never bother and will wait till the owner become free and pay attention to him. In addition, he is silent enough so that will not bother with causeless bark.
This small dog is perfect to be kept in an apartment due to the small size that is complemented by huge strength of mind. Besides the French bulldog is a couple of muscles that makes him not just a fine partner but also the fearless security guard.

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