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French Bulldog - Kennel FCI 'DUKE'S PRITE' Kherson, Ukraine

This site is devoted to such a wonderful breed-French Bulldog.
Owners of kennel FCI "DUKE'S PRITE" Kherson, Ukraine are glad to meet you here!
The French bulldogs are very popular among the most different layers of the population of our planet. And in fact, their existence is obliged to the workers from poor outskirts of London. How could they know, that descendants of the dogs brought by them to the continent would please a lot of different people, such as great opera singer Feodor Chaliapin, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, a poet and playwright Maurice Maeterlinck. Many aristocrats also adored Frenchies – all the Greece royalty, English King Edward the 7-th, Prince Yusupov.
Nowadays French bulldogs bring pleasure to millions of people. Why is this breed so popular? Each owner will answer in his opinion. And will be right. In fact, we are united by one thing - love to these cheerful, clever, beautiful creatures, which casually became a part our life and took a worthy place in it.


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