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Feeding Frenchies.

The choice of the way of feeding French bulldog is up to his owners. But we can still recommend 'cause a breeder knows, how to grow up a healthy, strong, beautiful dog. Thus, we advise to feed a growing puppy with a ready-made food. The matter is that for the correct development of an organism various substances are required, their proportions are also important besides their presence in a ration. And owners not always manage to balance the menu of their pets, providing them with all the necessary in correct amount. And manufacturers of qualitative pet-foods know needs of our dogs. All the ready-made foods (both dry and wet) are divided into such classes: Economy, Regular, Premium and Super Premium.

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Relatives of the French Bulldog.

For a long time in the most different countries of the world there live dogs with the truncated top jaw. It is very probable, that already in Middle Ages English dogs which were used for persecution of various animals had been delivered to Europe. By that time these dogs already had the modified top jaw that gave them advantage over other dogs in durability of catch and made them really effective fighters. Thus, it is impossible to confirm precisely, what breeds became progenitor for bulldogs, in fact, in different countries, on different continents (in Peru in the 12-th century there were the dogs very similar to the French bulldogs), as a result of mutations there appeared brachycephals. They crossed both among themselves and with other breeds.
In general, the modern bulldogs' origin is a mystery. Gradually mankind began more deliberate in breeding, therefore standards of breeds were created giving start to a thoroughbred cultivation. Owing to the standard, it is possible to confirm, that the dog belongs to a certain breed. But we are interested in relatives of the French bulldog which are presented further.

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Upbringing the French Bulldog.

Dogs of our breed are inclined to discipline and always aspire to please the owners. But it does not mean that it is not necessary to be engaged in their education, expecting that a dog will understand everything himself. And if you observe some rules, the process of training and education will bring pleasure to you and your pupil, and the most important, will facilitate a dog's life in this mad world of people.

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Diseases of the French Bulldog.

The subject of this section will be of the most often illnesses of the Frenchies that occur. This does not mean that all bulldogs are amenable to them; just there are characteristic illnesses which can affect representatives of the certain breed rather than the others. And it is better to be aware of them to prevent their development.
As you already know, the French bulldogs possess rather unusual appearance. A large head with big expressive eyes, the hitched up flattened muzzle, large bat-ears, a short neck, and a dense short trunk. And such charming appearance is very far from original dog forms (compare to a wolf), and can become the reason of some problems. And our task is not to admit this.

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