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Diseases of the French Bulldog.

The subject of this section will be of the most often illnesses of the Frenchies that occur. This does not mean that all bulldogs are amenable to them; just there are characteristic illnesses which can affect representatives of the certain breed rather than the others. And it is better to be aware of them to prevent their development.
As you already know, the French bulldogs possess rather unusual appearance. A large head with big expressive eyes, the hitched up flattened muzzle, large bat-ears, a short neck, and a dense short trunk. And such charming appearance is very far from original dog forms (compare to a wolf), and can become the reason of some problems. And our task is not to admit this.

So, the French bulldogs-representatives of brachycephalic breed (a short skull and, accordingly, a muzzle). Thus, some complications to respiration are possible. Bulldogs are not tolerant to hot weather, but also a strong frost is not useful. Because of heat the heat strokes are possible, since air has no time to be cooled and wetted enough in a short nasopharynx of a dog. Catarrhal diseases may occur in strong frosts for the same reason, 'cause air has no time to be heated up enough.
Our preventive actions: in summer under no circumstances do not leave a dog alone inside of the closed car; it is impossible to walk long under the baking sun; even if you walk with a dog in a shadow, but thermometer says that it is too hot, such walk must be finished. It is better to accustom your Frenchy gradually to a frosty air, and it will not become the reason of illness. Remember, that excess harms!
If, despite of all your diligence, your dog overheated, and has abnormally noisy, serious, complicated respiration, cyanosis of mucosae (violet tongue), increased body temperature, you can be sure that it is true. First, in such case it is necessary to lower a body temperature of a dog watering, but not icy, of course. It is possible to put some ice to a head. It is desirable to give something for maintenance of intimate cardiac activity (Corvalolum, for example) since as a result of overheat the heart failure can develop, and this is not desirable for us at all. And as soon as possible the dog should be shown to a veterinarian!
Bulldogs can have such a problem, as a stenosis (narrowing) of nasal passages because of nostrils, too pulled together that conducts to difficulty of respiration. Such dogs snore almost constantly, but mostly in summer heat. The only way to help them is the surgically.
The other feature of the French bulldogs is their big, a little bit convex eyes. Thus an opportunity of their traumatizing can't be excluded Therefore watch for the safe place for your dog to walk. There must not be things that can damage his eyes, such as shanks sticking out of the ground, dry stalks of plants, bushes, etc.
Ears of a Frenchy are to be protected from being injured inside by various fine objects, basically-seeds of plants. It is better to avoid games on lawns where grasses fructify. Or, if there is no choice, it is better to close acoustical passages by cotton plugs, but of such size, that you could pull them out without help of the veterinarian.
Still it is necessary to know, that some dogs can have problems with a backbone. To avoid them it is necessary to keep up physical development of a dog. Allow your French bulldog move as much as he wants, thus the muscles of a trunk which support a backbone will develop, distributing a load more evenly. Besides, the excessive mass of body can also negatively influence a backbone. Here comes a conclusion: we must feed pets correctly. It is necessary to prevent a French bulldog's coming downstairs while his age is less than 7 months. But coming upstairs is useful. And one more thing - do not allow the puppy to jump down. Keeping to these simple rules, you will relieve your dog of problems with backbone.
And the last thing desirable to tell is a puppy-birth. There are times when a bitch cannot deliver itself; in this case the cesarean section is necessary for her. There are some possible reasons: 1. (basic) The bitch has too short case that looks so perfectly at shows but just stirs in daily life (a dog can neither wash herself, nor born). 2. Fetuses are so big that cannot squeeze through narrow patrimonial ways. 3. Wrong position of a fetus. In any case, it is better to make secure, and let your veterinarian know that your girl is going travail, in fact only this person can help your pet if something goes wrong.
And the main thing for an owner of a dog is to find sensible, clever, knowing, and able to put the knowledge into practice veterinarian!

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