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Upbringing the French Bulldog.

Dogs of our breed are inclined to discipline and always aspire to please the owners. But it does not mean that it is not necessary to be engaged in their education, expecting that a dog will understand everything himself. And if you observe some rules, the process of training and education will bring pleasure to you and your pupil, and the most important, will facilitate a dog's life in this mad world of people.

1. First of all, define for yourself and the members of your family the things allowed for your bulldog and the things prohibited. And carefully follow the rules. What is forbidden for the dog - is forbidden once and forever. Remember, that the life of an animal (dogs are animals in spite of being the members of your family) is determined by reflexes which should be controlled by the owners, using the whole arsenal of agents and methods of training. There is no need to humanize the dog though in case of the French bulldog it is a difficult task, we have to be persevering and firm. To better understand a dog, I recommend you to read the books written by Konrad Zacharias Lorenz, a remarkable Austrian ethologist, who loved animals no less than we do, and made many valuable observations and conclusions concerning behavior of our pets.
2. Punish a dog just right after committing violations. I.e. if you have found the Frenchy behind a crime, only in this case it is possible to let him know, that he acted incorrectly. When some time passed on since a crime (even a pair of minutes), the punishment is categorically forbidden because the puppy or an adult dog has already forgotten about his actions. So he will not understand, what he is punished for, therefore he will repeat again this undesirable action. Punishment proves its value only when motivated, in fact its purpose is to let the animal to know, that you do not welcome concrete actions, and that you do not just work off for the spoiled thing or little puddle in your apartment. By the way, about the puddles. If you are outdoors all day long it is better not to get a dog at all. In fact, it's impossible to accustom a Frenchy, like any other dog, to cleanliness by arrangement, or punishment. The main thing in this case for you to do is to take out the puppy outdoor after each meal and after he woke up, it is possible, certainly, to accustom to celebrate need in a tray but then you won't get the high-grade French bulldog because for the correct growth it is necessary for him to move as much as possible.
The punishment is not always touching. Many dogs feel guilty hearing a strict voice of the owner. When the dog checks the owner on durability - males happen to act so during puberty, trying to take a higher place in hierarchy of their flight (your family) you can make the dog understand that people are more influential. It is not necessary to beat the French bulldog, it is enough to take him by the nape and rise for some seconds above the ground. In the dog's imagination you will be the giant better not to argue with. But before apply force, it is necessary to be convinced, that it is really reasonable. To stop undesirable actions it would be possible to get a pistol, not service, but water one. In fact, dogs hate of being hit by water jet right to the muzzle, and stop to violate discipline immediately.
3. Encouragement is the base of success, both in education, and in training. When the puppy amends the rules do not stint praise. Joyful, enthusiastic words and a slice of a delicacy will provide success much faster than leash yanking or other physical action. Each time when your Frenchy executes a command, demand or request, it is necessary to encourage him. First, always give him some delicacy for that. Gradually, in process of growth, replace delicacy with praise. You can also replace yummy with game, i.e. “Accomplished everything - let's play”.
4. Training should not exhaust the puppy. It is better to learn commands while playing. In fact, puppies are like children - fidgets. If the process of study bores your pupil don't expect fine results. The pupil will refuse to execute boring commands or will distract. Therefore we have to make the process of training interesting as much as possible for him. And then you should remember, that long-lasting employment tires. As soon as you notice that, stop and play with the pup. Regularly engage the dog - and the result will not slow to arrive. It is up to you to learn the favorite to all the basic commands. If you are not assured of the abilities to train, it is possible to ask for the help of professionals. But it is better not to leave the French bulldog for training alone with a handler. It is better to be engaged with a dog under direction of an instructor.

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