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Feeding Frenchies.

The choice of the way of feeding French bulldog is up to his owners. But we can still recommend 'cause a breeder knows, how to grow up a healthy, strong, beautiful dog. Thus, we advise to feed a growing puppy with a ready-made food. The matter is that for the correct development of an organism various substances are required, their proportions are also important besides their presence in a ration. And owners not always manage to balance the menu of their pets, providing them with all the necessary in correct amount. And manufacturers of qualitative pet-foods know needs of our dogs. All the ready-made foods (both dry and wet) are divided into such classes: Economy, Regular, Premium and Super Premium.

This division is based both on quality of raw material the food is made of and on amount of the basic categories of nutrients (proteins, fat, carbohydrates), and as vitamins, minerals and the trace elements ingress in its structure. It is not necessary to feed animals with food of first two classes 'cause there is nothing useful, I shall tell more, they are even harmful. This can be explained simply - their manufacturing is based on the cheapest components only, and thus their quality is the lowest. Premium-class can be used for adult dogs. And the best for puppies is a Super Premium food. As for the tinned (wet, or semi-wet) it is necessary to tell that a great number of different flavors is used while producing and your Frenchy doesn't need them. Thus, it is better to choose a qualitative dry food, which can be given both in its natural kind, and soaked (in pure boiled water) - preferred for a puppy feeding. Your French bulldog will receive all the substances necessary for his correct development, besides and beyond you will not have problems with long trips; in fact, it is so boring to carry a kettle of porridge while travelling. We may have no time to transfer the pet to a dry forage (this will take about a week), but usually we don't have enough time for this. As the result - spoiled pet's digestion (any change in nutrition is a great stress for your dog, so it should be reduced by your gradual action).
But if you are going to feed French bulldog with natural nutrition, remember, that a dog needs 35 % meat of all volume of nutrition, porridge - 45 %, and vegies - 20 %. Speaking about meat, low-fat beef should be preferred. It can be given crude, just before feeding washed by boiling water. Meat may be replaced by fish (without bones) 1-2 times a week; sea fish is possible to be given crude, but a river one just boiled, because of infection with helminthes danger. Millet and oat flakes are the best choice among groats, in ratio 3/1. Vegetables are better to be given crude, but grinded. In addition sour-milk staff. Also do not forget about vitamins and mineral additives about which dosage it is possible to learn on packing.
STRICTLY FORBIDDEN: pork, any kind of bones, bacon, confectionery, roasted & smoked products, pickles, sugar.
REMEMBER, that the animal should have constant access to fresh water!

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